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Book 8 Page 47

Teddy bear honour


O teddy bear, O teddy bear,

where would I be without my teddy bear!?

Cuddled up in my bed,

the warm quiet moments we share; me and the bear.


You remind me of 'pure love,' of 'pure tenderness. '

You remind me of where Id forever like to be.

Forever at peace.

Forever at ease.


Riding on a boat on the deep ocean sea.

Feeling so comfortably.

My soul rest within thee.

Upon a magical sea.


We’ve got this secret understanding,

and "O how I love thee."

No one else around, just you and me.

Got a tender sweet way of being, the bear and me.


O teddy bear, O teddy bear,

without a sex, without a real name.

You and me somehow unite in the night,

and be same.


And what a funny old fellow indeed you are.

You’re so close and it seems you’ve travelled so far.

You know, I really don’t know exactly who you are, but all I know is that;

Funny things happen when you wish upon a star.

And I think I indeed wished up you.


The bear and me,

Me and the bear.

United in love,

Without a single care.


© Written by Dominic John Gill   8/11/99