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Book 1 Page 64


/ Canít wait to grow up


Now my Mum and dad keep telling me that I'm,

"not experienced," cause "Iím only five."

But I think Iíve got some experience

by simply being alive.


Iím not allowed to this

and Iím not allowed to do that!

Cause they say I havenít got the experience

and I might cause myself a mishap.


Cause I want to do the things that adults do, like,

driving a car and,

watching mature rated films and,

smoking a cigar.


I want to be Ďjust like my dad.í

Heís the greatest person I know.

But they always tell me to wait,

until I grow.


Iím five now,

I hope they donít expect me to wait until Iím six!


© Written by Dominic John Gill    9/4/99