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Book 7 Page 41

Falling for the glitter


Falling for the glitter,

canít hear the message for the miracles are in the way and youíre

falling for the glitter,

the magicís got the sway.


Falling for the glitter,

all the power in the occult.

Youíre like a horse that's escaped from the confines of its gates

and who now just wants to bolt.


Cause youíve falling with the phenomenon,

the occult power to control.

But really, youíre out of control yet you think

youíre on a roll.


Cause youíve fallen for the glitter

and youíve forgotten the subtleties behind

what makes all this power (the love within).

Oh! youíre so blind.


Youíve fallen for the glitter,

such an ease mistake my friend

and you think that youíre generous and giving ,but alas,

you take.


Because youíve fallen for the glitter,

and youíre falling with the glitter

and alas, Iím sorry to say my friend,

youíve fallen in the litter.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  23/10/99