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Book 6 Page 15

What is the real meaning?


What is the real meaning

behind that politicians speech?

Is it completely beyond

the common mans reach?


What is the real meaning

of a simple human smile?

A gesture that can tell stories

in a facial style.


What is the real meaning

behind that business mans handshake?

Does he want to give

or does he want to take?!


What is the real meaning

behind the wink she just gave me?

Was it for platonic friendship or



What are the real meanings

behind the many gestures that we make?

Sometimes for love and kindness,

sometimes for deception and hate.


Gestures that are simple,

gestures that are complex,

gestures that are appropriate

or completely out of context.


A smile meaning a lie,

a kiss for a betrayal,

a yes meaning no, and a no meaning

I shall.


Gestures of the animal kind

usually say what they mean,

but the gestures from us humans can mean

more than what is seen.

  8/10/99 Written by Dominic John Gill