Book 44

Page 17

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I’d be your clown


I’d be your clown.

I’ll make you laugh even if it has to be at ‘me.’

At least I’ll get you laughing!


And I’ll be ‘an idiot.’

I’d be the one you laugh at in pain.

I’ll even stub my toe or slip on a banana skin,

if only I could make you laugh!


For when you laugh at me,

pointing with your finger;

I know you’re really looking at yourself.

And that gives me so much ‘satisfaction’ cause I know,

“the joke’s on everyone really.”


So I want to be the one to fall on my back,

mirror you back!


I’d happily be your clown.


I am human.

You are human.

We are human.


I’d be your clown.

Go on … laugh at me!

‘Laugh’ that I look funny.

‘Laugh’ that I make mistakes.

‘Laugh’ cause I really remind you of you, though you’d never think this way.



© Written by Dominic John Gill Created Dec 12, 2006