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Book 12 Page 38

The great American dream



The great American dream,

is it all what it seems!?

Grow up to be president,

or the captain of an all American Football team.


Grow up to defend one’s country,

or fight for civil rights.

Carry the American dream to the world,

on the proud eagle’s fight.


The rights of free speech,

the right to carry arms.

Grow sweet corn and raise pigs,

out on the country farm.

Have Christmas turkey on thanks giving,

go camping in the summer holidays.

These are the things that comprise of,

the great American way.


Grandpa runs a company,

dad’s got shares and company ties.

Grandma’s in the kitchen,

baking up an apple pie.


And everyone’s treated equal here,

we live without fear and with liberty.

And success for all is in abundance,

in this great land of opportunity.


And in this great American dream,

the world is at our feet.

We work hard, / we play hard,

there’s no other place on earth that can beat;


the great American way,

it’s just one big beautiful dream.

Where everything is in order and of course,

‘totally pristine clean.’


For these are the things that comprise of America,

and the great American dream.


© Written by Dominic John Gill 9/1/00