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Book 26 Page 49


Donít make me stop this car


Donít make me stop this car!

If I have to stop this car you kids are ganna be in real trouble.

Just one more peep out of you lot and Iím,

pulling onto the rubble.


No! I donít care who started it,

Iím just sick of your constant mucking around.

Now I donít want to hear another peep out of any of you,

you hear! not a sound.


So stop your antics right this minute,

or Iím pulling over and you can all get out.

and Iíll make you walk home.

Or would you prefer a quick clout!?

So whatís it to be!?


Thatís better,

and keep it that way!

We havenít got far.

So behave yourself you hear,

and donít make me stop this car.


 © Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 9/4/00