Book 40

Page 4

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In jail


In jail

you’ve always got to look behind you’re back.

You never know when someone’s gonna turn on you or give you a whack,

cause in jail, violence is a living fact.


In jail

there’s always someone digging up the dirt,

so you’ve always got to cover yourself for all that it’s worth.

cause in jail, anytime’s a good time to get hurt.


In jail

you don’t ever want to do nobody wrong,

not even accidentally should you sing the wrong song.

Cause in jail, if you’re on the bad side of someone you’re not gonna last very long.


In jail

you’ve got to always say the right thing and do the right thing,

and go along with every one else, following like beads on a string.

Cause in jail, being with the ‘in crowd’ is absolutely everything.


In jail

You’ve got to get along you’re fellow inmates and hate the screws,

and know all the time exactly, ‘who is who.’

in jail, you’ve got to keep abreast of the right thing to do.


In jail

at anytime you could turn around and have a steel bar rapped over your head.

Maybe perhaps when you loose concentration, or lie asleep in you’re bed.

Cause in jail, that’s just how it is in ‘that big shed!’



Cause in jail

you’ve got to spend all your time looking out for number one, ‘yourself,’

for if you get into trouble you can’t rely on anybodies help, even if you scream “murder and help,” cause in jail, that’s just how it all works.


© Written by Dominic John Gill 6/6/2001