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Book 27 Page 19


Make me laugh O jester



“O jester make me laugh,

I am in the mood for joviality.”


“No my lord, I do not see anything funny at the moment. The king has beheaded my beloved fellow jester. I rebel your majesty, he was a good and justly funny man. He was always smiling and bringing merriment to the king. I protest your majesty, for you were not fair in giving my friend the chop. He was such a loyal and devoted jester that he even went to the Guillotine, laughing his head off.” No I will not make you laugh my king!


And the Jester stamped his feet in anger, making the bells on his toes ring through the castle walls.


“Ha ha ha,

Well done my dear Jester.

That was very funny.

I can always rely on you to lift my spirits.”

Yes let us all dance and be merry for the night is young.


And so this is how things sometime go when you’re only known for making ‘light of things’ and presenting the funny side of the world. And in time the Jester learnt not to despise the king so. After all, it was the kings job to be obsessed with the running of earthly affairs. And it was the Jesters job to keep the king happy and to ‘make light.’


And as the years rolled on the Jester learnt to amuse the king with his antics and sense of joviality. He even learned to feel sincere in doing this once again. For the Jester was a man of great depth.

In a very true and real sense, the jester was a far greater king, than the king himself. Now isn’t that a funny thing?


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 9/25/00