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Book 23 Page 30


Thuggery on the tar


Outside my house there’s young lads doing burn outs in the suburban street.

Trying to impress their peers no doubt with their throbbing engine feats.


They’ve got lead foots for brains and sexual libido’s ruling their heads.

Trying to impress the girls – what a guy!!!- with all those excessive engine revs.


And rubbers going everywhere but yet their practically standing still.

I wouldn’t like to have these young guys’ massive tyre bills.


Sometimes I shout to them, “ Hey guy’s slow down!” but I usually just get the old finger wave.

As somewhat angrily I plead as they fly by, “don’t you know how to civilly behave?”


For they seem to have a cog or two missing, got ‘dangers’ on their minds.

And in regards to others safety, apparently completely blind.


They go tearing down the street and then at a hundred kg’s up the hill.

One day I’m sure someone’s ganna get hurt or worst still, ‘killed.’


And so I’m just waiting for the day when I have to drag a dead youth from his car.

And maybe! just maybe then a death or two will stop, their thuggery on the tar.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 6/23/00