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Book 19 Page 22


The dogs are barking



The dogs are barking,

disturbing the suburban quite.

The dogs are barking,

kicking up a riot.


Its the middle of the night,

cant they do that when its day.

The dogs are baking

and I wonder; what they say.


It started with just one,

howling at the moon,

and then there were five,

before too soon.


Shut up! Shut up! I shout

angrily at me dog.

For Gods sake, Im trying to get some sleep.

And go to hit him with a stick,

but he just ignores me and runs away.


Shut up or Ill kill you,

and I throw the nearest thing I find.

Stop your stupid barking,

and your stupid bloody whine.


But he just goes on ignoring me,

yet reduces to a barking whisper.


The dogs are barking and Im standing outside,

with nothing on,

in the middle of the night,

in the middle of this cold dark winter.


Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 5/6/00