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This is a really good site on 'terrorism' from "Wilipedia, the free encyclopedia." It gives basic and fundamental information on 'terrorism so that the reader may be well versed in this subject  

Book 29 Page 7


The morning after the bomb


The dust has settled

the fires burned out,

and there is an eerie sense of silence.

No more screams and shouts.


It’s the morning after, /

the morning after the terrorist bomb.

And for some who’ve escaped and are lucky

life still goes on.


A senseless act of terrorism has occurred,

someone’s trying to make a point.

And they’ve used innocent human life

to put societies nose out of join.


They must be pretty angry.

They must be bordering on insanity.

They must be desperate and arrogant

and loosing a perspective on reality.


And now it’s the morning after, / the dust has settled

and things are all so quiet.

But soon there will be the voices of dead relations

and the public’s outrage and riots.


For it’s the morning after the bomb

and there will soon be people asking, who did this and why?

And no doubt there will be some ‘seeking revenge’

and so more will have to die.


 © Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 12/23/00