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Book 31 Page 48


The hated leader


They hailed him, / they saluted him,

they praised his very name.

But secretly the people thought of their leader as a megalomaniac

and some thoughts of him as insane.


But still they obeyed him,

for nobody dare openly ‘object.’

Less they would find themselves in prison,

or swinging by their necks.


For he had proved his aggression,

he had proven it time and time again.

This most feared and hated of leaders

who brought to his people indescribable misery and pain.


But never the less they sung his name; “Hail O great leader,”

Many thousands celebrated his birthday.

But inside they longed - they even pined -

for that fateful day when he would pay.


Pay for his harsh rule, / his laws of hardship that

bordered on the brink of insanity.

One day they thought he would pay for all the injustices he had done

and his crimes against humanity.


They longed to see him dead,

this cruel and harsh political man.

For the people there was no less a price to pay

for the tyranny and the hardship he had brought on their once proud and peaceful land. 


But although this is how the average citizen thought,

their lips remained solidly sealed.

But they were waiting - ever so patiently - for the day when they could

unleash how they really feel.


And so they were like animals stalking a prey,

waited their time when they could get their way.

When it would be released in 'revolution,'

like a pack of wild dogs upon their political prey.


For although they feared this most lowly and evil man,

they hated him even more.

They hated him for what he had done,

and the injustices that they underwent and saw.


And unanimously without saying a word to each other,

they longed for his death.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 4/8/2001