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Book 35 Page 29


Mother, itís time to leave


Mother! before long I must,

Ďleave to arrive.í

Nine months in this womb

and soon to Ďbe alive.í


My arms / my legs are formed,

my heart is beating strong.

Iím giving you this warning mother,

Iím not ganna be very long.


Whatís its like out there?

out in the cold cold air.

I hope itís as comfortable as it is in here, /

peaceful without a care.


Iím sure when Iím born Iím ganna miss this place,

nine months secure and warm.

But all good things must come to an end,

when I leave to venture lifeís storm.


O mother, what was that serge of hormones!?

Was that you, or was that me!?

And why are you breathing so fast,

(gee thatís unusual!)

and counting repetitively.


O my god! I think Iím ganna be born!

my water just broke!

Iím coming,

Iím coming!

itís time!

See you in a short while

in the wide open world outside.


Goodbye Mum!

© Written by Dominic John Gill Feb 26 2002