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Book 25 Page 28


Iím a truckie


Iím a truckie,

My home is the road.

Drivin from dust till dawn,

with my big Lorie load.


Dressed up in me blue T-shirt,

covering me proud beer gut.

Yep! I reckon Iím a right old sight with me unshaven beard

and me scraggily hair cut.


And many think of me as a Ďmanís / man,í

But inside Iím really a Ďgreat big teddy bear.í

And Iíve traveled this country all over,

cause as they say, ďIíve been everywhere.Ē


Yep I drive the big rigs,

Youíve seen me sitting up there behind the wheel.

Boring down the road sitting right up your ass,

in me forty ton truck of steel.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 7/28/00