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Book 1 Page 30

Unconditional love, trilogy

The independent / the attached / and plain love


The independent love

O I love you unconditionally,

a spiritual love where I will just be me.

Be myself, stand noble and free.

You are free, I am free.

We stand as separate pillars,

under the great vastness of sky and sea.


Thatís very nice of you to say so dear, will you wash the dishes and put out the garbage before you switch off the light?



The attached love

O I love you unconditionally!

I need you and love you more that my own life.

I am in comparison to you but a fly on the wall.

If it was not for you ĎI would be nothing.í

We are inseparable,

held together with just one pillar that supports the house of our love.


Thatís lovely dear, could you put the cat out

and switch the TV off before you come to bed?


The plain love

Your very nice my love, I like being with you.

You help me learn about myself

and I like to learn from you.

I feel good when youíre around.

And! And Ö well Ö you smell nice.


O quite! my dearest love, youíre so honest and straight forward

and so sexy, come to bed, Iíve got something to show you.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  26/3/99