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Book 1 Page  42

The Slippery truth



The truth is like a slippery snake

that slivers and slides all over the place.

Itís got no permanence, itís got no grace,

and itís no friend of mine I lesson to haste.



The truth stays only long enough to entice the heart

then, as sure as day follows night, it departs.

A friend wouldnít leave you in your time of need

but the truth is no friend, I believe.



The truth will not be enclosed in a box

although many try, it just will not be held down.

Itís like a wild animal in a cage

and like a confined animal in a terrible rage.



The truthís no friend of mine

for it is very seldom kind,

especially when it comes to how it treats mankind.

This slippery truth, the slippery Ďsublime.í



Cause the truth doesnít care when it comes and when it goes,

and where it will leads you nobody seems to know,

cause the truth is like a slippery snake

that comes and goes and makes the heart ache.



© Written by Dominic John Gill  2/4/99