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Some interesting information about 'old age' in America

Book 27 Page 32


Im not old



Im not old.

what does this mean anyway!?

When I wake up in the morning

life is always a brand new day.


Im not retired,

I just work for free.

And at my age Im becoming a professional at;

just being me.


Im not out of it,

Im involved in life even more now.

And dont you dare refer to me as;

a silly old cow.


Im not dieing,

Im living in my prime.

Even thought I have to admit I am;

running out of time.


For Im not over the hill

nor is my sexual life at an end.

At my age real love and sex

is just beginning.


So Im telling you;

Im not old.

I may be slow and bold,


Im not old.


Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 9/24/00