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Book 35 Page 33


My words, my words

My words! my words!

they seem to be the only thing I have!


For when I feel frustrated with the world /

when I feel like screaming at it all,

or like bashing my head against it’s walls,

it is then that I remember, “my words!”

my political, / my social, / my sometimes ‘angry critical words.’




And when you my friend seem to act as if ‘I am not important’ /

when my wishes don’t seem to matter in this storm,

it is at these times that I say my ‘words,’

although at such times they are not always ‘well formed.’


But even here I notice that;

when my words are said, I somehow feel better,

-yet I do not always know why.-

perhaps it is simply because;

I have said ‘my words!’



And when you my lover seem to radiate beauty,

though you may not have done anything special,

I say my words again.

Words of affection this time, / words of devotion, / words of love.

And when they are said, things are better in the end.




And so to all of life’s good and bad adventures I have my reactions, /

and with them; ‘I have my words.’

Words that have a way, -a magical way - of putting things into perspective.


Words though at times seems to fall on deaf ears,

on blind eyes,

on selfish hearts,

but none the less,

I say them, and;

I write them.

My words / my words.




And so through them, -through my words - you get to know what I think,

How I feel,

what I am.


And even though there may not always seem to be an outcome,

I just 'speak' and let it out.

Then I feel happier.

And I think it is then that I become more complete,

that is; when I say ‘my words.’


My words!

my words!

they are -in the end - all that I have that I can truly call my own.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Feb 27 2002