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Book 23 Page 10



Time for bed 

Into your pajamaís my darling,

itís time to go to bed.

Get yourself under the warm blankets.

Here my sweet heart, a fluffy pillow for your head.


Now Iíll begin to tell you a story,

so close your little eyes.

Cause now itís time for,

ĎBedie byes.í


There once was a valiant sailor,

a sailing the seven seas.

A brave and gallant sailor,

on an ocean discovery.


And once upon a time,

in a land called ďforever dreams.Ē

Lived a handsome young king

betrothed to marry his one and only queen.


Now if you listen carefully,

youíll be traveling there tonight.

In your own magic dreams

of kings and queens and sailors and knights.


So close your little eyes,

donít open them!

O donítí you dare peep!

For itís time for a night time adventure

in the land of Ďdreams and sleep.í


Are you ready?

Well, once upon a time Ö..



© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 6/21/00