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Book 4 Page 9 *


The art of art


The art of playing good music is to;

play notes in such a way

so that the listener hear ‘notes’ that are not actually played.


The art of painting a good picture is to;

show off light with color and with shape,

Implying light where there is only, 'paint.'


The art of sculpturing a good statue is to;

imply movement through curves and form,

whist the stone remains perfectly, a still medium.


The art of all art is to ‘say what you feel.’

To express what is deep down and real.

And to set the soul free on the wings of a birds.

With a single stroke of a bush, say a million words.


The art of all art is to ‘love’ and to be passionate,

and then to express what you feel,

so as to make your subject come alive,

And real.


Art does indeed, mimic life.

But very good art, creates it.


© Written by Dominic John Gill 10/12/99