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Book 8 Page 9

The bikie with the beautiful voice


There is this bikie whom

nobody seems to be able to fathom.

For although he’s as rough and tough as a man can be,

he’s got this beautiful voice that you could imagine.


Such a sweet and tender voice,

with the expression of a beautiful soul.

But to look at this guy,

he’s certainly a ‘wild sight’ to behold.


Leathers and chains and tats,

and even a pair of knuckle dusters.

But the love in his voice, ah!

that he so easily musters.


He sings the blues like he

really knows what he’s talking about.

There’s even tenderness

in his ‘rugged bikie shout.’


And when he gets playing the blues

on his A- sharp harp,

it sounds like the angels in heaven are singing.

Nothings out of place, nothing flat, / nor sharp.


And he always puts his whole self into the music,

you can see it on his face.

Such an expressive and emotional man,

yet somehow! it all seems out of place.


Because when you look at guy,

your impressions are of a ‘bikie terror.’

The chains and the bikie paraphernalia

of this ‘bikie bluesy, singing tenor.”



© Written by Dominic John Gill   27/10/99