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Book 11 Page 26


Easter time on the Box


Itís Easter and Jesus is on the television.

Heís on channel, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.


Theyíre playing all those 'old epics' once up in lights.

Movies with miracles and salvation and the plight of the Israelites.


On channel two, Jesus is hanging up on the cross.

Channel sevens got him roaming the desert, lost.


O! channel nineís got a nice looking one.

Isnít that, ĎCharlton Hesston?!?


Mel Gibís has got Jesus enduring suffering that no man could withstand.

taking a bit of Ďpoetic licenseí in a Hollywood grand stand.


Channel six is running an Italian Christ.

Channel nineís got him resurrecting on his way to paradise.


Every where you look, thereís a Jesus on every Station.

Jesus performing miracles and preying for our salvation


So much religion, O itís all getting hard to take!

Especially since Christianity is not my particular type of cake.


Itís getting to the point where itís all beginning to grate.

Jesus on every single channel, from morning till late.


Theyíve taken off the footy and replaced it with movies about god.

Doesnít anyone think itís all over the top and odd.


I mean; through out the whole year itís like were all atheist.

Then suddenly, at Easter time we all become Christian Patriots.


O Itís all getting to the point where I think we should get out of our seats and complain.

Itís a god dame disgrace that those television stations are running programs, just the same.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  12/12/99