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Book 31 Page 30


O to a summers day


O to a summers day!

For a summers day seems to have that ability to pull one out of a depressive haze.

And so; how I love a summer’s day when the birds are ‘a chitting,’

or is it ‘a chatting’ and all of nature seems to be gloriously ‘a happening?’


For it is then that I say, “O to a splendidful summers day,”

when the sun is shinning and the whole human race seems to ease up on it’s ‘ constant whining.’’

And people suddenly get the urge to get out of the house and go for ‘a picnicking.’

And with their picnic hampers they go ‘a dinning’ and feel happy and maybe even partake in a little, moderate a drinking and a wine - ning.


Yes haven’t you noticed that on those summer days?

people seem to let the woes of today drift away and let tomorrows woes go astray.

For on a summer’s day it doesn’t seem to matter what hardships tomorrow may bring,

when the sun comes out shinning after it’s slumbering spring.


And so let us all say; “O to a summers day,” O to a summers day.”

For on a summer’s day I so much feel, (and I trust you do to)

like ‘a romping’ ‘a merrily’ ‘a round’ and ‘a frolicking’ in the hay or ‘a dancing’ in the field.

Isn’t this precisely the way a summers day makes you feel?


And so, all so verily I say;

O! so very O! to a summers day.

















© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 4/5/2001