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Book 27 Page 20


Out of sight, out of mind


“Out of sight, /

out of mind.”

Some things are excluded

from the news head lines.


A population under control,

by restrictions of what we see.’

Media manipulation guiding us to,

what we should believe.


Providing us with only,

a highly scripted view.

On every paper and T.V. channel,

of the daily news.


Unseen images lay edited,

on the studio floor.

Pictures showing another story,

of so much more.


And what we are fed

is a clean / political face.

A sanitized version,

to the general populace.


‘Deception’ but arguably,

not strictly a lie.

Essential facts kept from,

the public eye.


And so it’s, ‘out of sight, /

out of mind.’

Keeping the population,

ignorant and blind.


Out of sight, /

Out of mind.

Being fed,

The scripted line.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 9/25/00