Book 45

Page 27

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The androids are coming


The androids are coming!

You can buy one for the kids this Christmas.

They walk, / they talk, / they smile, while all the while,

you don’t have to worry about their feelings!


Yes the androids are coming and for just

nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars

you too can have your very own android friend!


You might like to have a mean one,

or perhaps a ‘pretend to kill’ everyone.

Or maybe a ‘dress up one’s” more your style!?

That’s a good option for your ‘girl’ child.


And “O what fun it is to play” for;

the androids are going to be on the market this Christmas

and every child’s gonna want to have at least two.


You’ll have so much fun putting together your new android,

(your very own someone to amuse,

someone you can use,

someone you can abuse, )

for Androids after all are ‘not human!’


Everyone knows, androids are just toys!


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created Dec 14, 2006