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Book 6 Page 49

Prey for



Prey for the children

the ‘blessed child’ in every one.

Prey for the young and the old

living under god’s sun.


Prey for salvation,

prey for ‘absolute peace.

Prey for humanity

and also for the beasts.


Prey for the wicked,

that they might understand.

For they are ‘blessed too,’

within the spiritual plan.


Prey for the ignorant,

who seem to have lost their way.

But do not condemn or criticise them, (but instead,)

prey for them each day.


Prey for the seeds

that brings the world its happiness.

Prey for all humans to know

of their spiritual quest.


And prey for ‘all life,’

and for what it can become.

And in this process realise that (you also prey for yourself)

and join yourself as one.




© Written by Dominic John Gill  11/10/99