Book 43

Page 50

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Swooning the spoon



“O spoon, O spoon,

Uri Geller / File picturelet you and I get psychically attune,

so in my special hands

you swoon”


“Please do this for me,

don’t make me look like a goon,

on this fine performance



“My audience is ‘a watching,’

they’re waiting for ‘the phenomenon.’

So come on spoon,

come on spoon, do it soon!!!”


For when you bend

my ego grows grand.

As spoons are conquered by

just the mind of mere man.


For as it is; “one small step for man,

the world will come to see,

my psychic human



These spoons were made for wobblin’

and that’s just what they’ll do.

In the psychic way these spoons are gonna

bend right into two.


That a boy,

More … more.

Good spoon.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created  19/Oct/2006