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Book 36 Page15

A mother’s sad choice


A mother’s sad choice

her babies up for adoption.

‘She’ being so young and poor.

She feels she has no option.


And baby will only know her

for a few brief moments; for all that is worth,

As happiness and sadness are mingled

at this time of birth.


“Maybe in another time and place”

mother thinks, mother and child will be united.

But for now it is a ‘moment of necessity,’

so mother is sited, saying;


“I don’t want to give my child up,

but I feel it is my only choice.

I want to give my baby the best chance in life,

to be loved and to know joy and to be able to rejoice.

“and this cannot be with ‘me.’”


“Goodbye” mother tearfully says,

as baby is taken off.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  4/5/2006