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Book 18 Page 4


Following a script


Following a script

written by some one else.

Following a path

cause you ain’t got one yourself.


Little messages telling you how to think,

showing you the way.

Telling you how to live life

and how you should behave.


Following a script,

“Keep away, / don’t do this and don’t do that / keep of the lawn.”

It seems you’ve been following a script

since the day that you were born.


And now you’re following a script,

cause it’s easier than creating your own path.

But someday my friend you might cry when you notice,

that it’s they who ‘have the last laugh.’


And now you’re flowing a script cause you haven’t figured it out that

their following a script too.

Every one’s following scripts thinking

it’s the right thing to do.


Those little ‘how to do’ plans,

drawn up by parents and friends.

Telling what to do through life

until it’s very end.


Those little suggestions /

hundreds of hints and demands,

that somehow seep into your brain,

creating those internal commands.


And now your following a script,

and one day I hope you look back on your life and say,

“O lord what have I done! what have I become!?”

and realize that “you’re the only important one and;

stop following a script.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 4/30/00