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Book 37 Page 47

I saw upon a shooting star


I saw upon a shooting star

a pretty sight,

a flashing light,

and I spared a moment

for a possible ‘alien creatures plight.’


Did a distant civilization’s sun


Was it for them,

the end of the road?

as their final demise come

in flashing light’s sown.


Was this pretty light

the last ever image of their evolutionary plight?

For here I sit;

(somewhat entertained by the event,)

as billions of tons of gases in seconds

are spent.


As my lover whispers in my ear,

“O darling look! a shooting star!”

As we cuddle romantically

in our car.

“Lets make a wish upon a

shooting star!”


But my thoughts seem somewhere else,

this could have been our own sun!

and then what will the human race



Another forgotten civilization

in the throws of annihilation,

a sigh for someone else to gaze upon in;



And perhaps to, they might also say;


“O what a pretty sight,

What a pretty burst of light,”

“The last ever image of another creatures

‘evolutionary plight’”

 © Written by Dominic John Gill 10 January 2004