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Book 5 Page 36

Unlucky in love



There once was a man who wasn’t handsome, nor tall, or thin,

but rather short and round.

He searched the world for a future wife,

but she! was not anywhere to be found.


He would walk up to the girls at dances and in his funny voice say;

“may I have this dance.”

But inevitably they’d look him up and down and replied,

"I’m sorry! no chance."


But in truth he was the loveliest well mannered man,

gentle, / kind and sweet.

But this didn’t seem to make an impression upon the girls

he tried to meet.


In desperation he copied the ways of the Devon ire type,

he copied them verbatim, down pat.

But when he tried to put it all into action,

he seemed to completely ‘lack the knack.’


His parent suggested that “he was going to the wrong places,”

like pubs and discos and bars.

They suggested that he should join a, ‘single’s club,’

and it would be here that he’d find his ‘lover.’


But even here he struck out on luck,

for they didn’t seem to want what he had.

A guy can go crazy looking for girls and so eventually,

he felt despondently bad.


And then one day he just gave up looking!

cause for year he’d struggled in vain.

He thought, “I’m never ganna meet my sweetheart sunshine,

but only more and more of ‘pouring rain.”’


But wouldn’t you know it! just when he’d given up trying,

along came the woman of his dreams.

And now he’s married with ten lovely kids

and things have turned out ‘all right,’ it seems.


And the strangest thing is that;


women are attracted to him now,

but he turns them down, ever single one.

Life works that way doesn't it?

When you need something desperately, you don’t get it,

and when you don’t need it, well!

things just keep comin and comin.


And so, this is the story of a man

who gave love a true valiant go.

Who at first struck out unlucky in romance

but then came through!

Sound like anyone you know!?


And there is a moral to this story and it is;

when at first you don’t succeed, do try and try again.

But if you don’t succeed, again and again!

don’t think life’s come to an end.

© Written by Dominic John Gill  19/7/99