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Try this site for some statistics on youth accidents. or some fact on road safety in Australia.,10117,17750498-26619,00.html

Book 7 Page 23


A flash of death


A black hotted up car revs right passed me

doing  break neck speeds.

Got no time for waiting behind

and in an awful hurry it seems.


And in my mind there are images,

like a camera ,my mind  is taking shots.

Telling me of ‘impending danger,’

And Oh! how I wish it would not .


For in my mind there is this car which suddenly turns into a coffin

as it speeds recklessly down the road.

A coffin on wheels that’s obeying

nobody’s road laws or codes.


Off to hell it seems,

and in one ‘hell of a hurry,’

filled with young people who look now like

dead and bloodied young Zombies.


Oh this image in my mind,

it gives me such a fright.

Black coffin speeding down the road into

the dark dark night.


© Written by Dominic John Gill 3/10/99