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Senior school and adult poetry list


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Timeless dreaming Reflections of the 'aboriginal dream time story'

Whale hunters  What do you think of killing whales, do you think it's a good idea? An article speaking about the prevention of whale hunting

Me and my television screen This one's for the kids who watch too much television

The dreaming eye The dream of life

Musical silence  A thought from a musician

Lose to find  Unusually when we loose something we suddenly realize what we had

When all of the animals are gone  A thought on 'the ecology.' "The environment is everybody's business" it says this site. That sounds fair enough to me!

I have a dream Martin Luther King said "I have a dream," perhaps we could say that "we all do!"

Chip of the old block Perhaps we are more like 'our parents' than what we realise

Come here now Has this every happened to you?

From my window We all have our view of life

Hollywood dreaming Aspiring to be an actor

Living in some one elseís dream Always follow your own dreams

Longing All creatures seem 'to long' for something

Nothing like a romance 'Love,' it's a splendid thing is it not!?

Play fighting Boys will be boys

Ring the bells Maybe 'the bell' in this poem represents a symbol for 'the era's of history!'

Smoking "You shouldn't smoke" they say, but does that stop people!? Study this page

The Buddaís in the baby Maybe we're born smarter than what we know

The personality of the wind He's a fickle guy, Mr. wind

The silent Minority A thought to why we should treat each other fairly. Try this site out to learn about inequality in Australia

Washing dishes  I really and truly like washing dishes. Should I see my psychiatrist!? For those excited about washing dishes like me, there's probably not too many of us out there, |have a look at this exciting site. It actually teaches you how to wash dishes.

Weíre all in the same boat A thought to all those who help destroy this planet and or, to save the planet Try this site for interesting idea's and facts about the Australian environment. Australian conservation Foundation

A flash of death People who like to speed in a car should read this poem Try this site for some statistics on youth accidents. or some fact on road safety in Australia.  Try this news paper article,10117,17750498-26619,00.html

Alas poor Yorric, I knew him well A look at how the director would see the works of Shakespeare

An election Politicians, you can't live with them and you can't live without them

Another mongrel Christmas Christmas in Australia, it's an interesting Aussie phenomenon!!! This site seems quite relevant to the sentiments in my poem.

Garage sales I love going to garage sales

Iíd like to be a tree This one's from the true heart of a poet, spoken in a romantic tone

Iím a bad speller I'm afraid I am, so don't hold it against me!!! Remember, like all serious problems such as alcoholism, / gambling etc, / there is help out there!!! Here's a good site for the bad spellers out there. or this one for the common spelling mistakes

Try this one for an Australian article on spelling,10117,17501202-28101,00.html

Iím a poet I'm one of these

Iím a reporter Reporters are coming under some criticism of late, perhaps they deserve it!!!

Iím not a Gambler 'Denial' is at the seat of all addictions, including gambling

In my little little world The world is a very big place, lots of people, / lots of views, / lots to know

My dog and me Me and Tembo, my dog at the time

O how I love thee Not everyone can be poets but everyone can try and say what they mean

Order! Order! 'They' the politicians, do act like children sometimes, no offence to the children

Poets and Seasons Some deep thoughts on thinking deeply, like the poet often does

Poky gambling Another poem with the theme of "denial" in it Here's some Australian facts on gambling.

The Rudiments of music A romantic and yet true view of music

Running sneakers I personally wouldn't pay a lot of money for sandshoes, but plenty of people would. If you identify too much with my poems, then perhaps you should try this site, it's the 'sneaker lovers' ultimate web page.

I could serenade you forever It takes more than a good heart to be romantic

Television My father would say, "watching too much television make your eyes go square." Here's a site that talks about the effects of watching too much television.

That sister of the clerical A personal memory of the nuns I had at school

The attack of the killer tomato Some films are just so corny. The following site is about 'bad movies.' It seems that some people have made an art form out of bad movies. or this found in the paper,,10117,16916146-13762,00.html

Thirty years Some reflections of drug taking

To my publisher All writers have some apprehension about their craft

To the facts Do you think this could happen in the judiciary system?

I am the writer Books have affected man kind for thousands of years. 'The writer' then is an important character within history

A lazy manís view of the world Just a little thought about 'laziness'

Better Karma in the farmer The question is; are farmers farming the land more wisely these days? This site looks at the history of farming practices in Australian

Candle burns low A belief in hope

Dangers not my middle name James bond, eat your heart out!!!

Forever and ever How long is forever?

Give me my land The plight of the aboriginal is a difficult one. Try this site for information about the Australian aboriginal.

I like me beer There's a bit of a culture around drinking beer. Here's a relevant article from the news paper.

Hard times to be a primitive Most modern and scientific people tend to think that they are always right about 'how they see the world' Read some facts on Australian aboriginal land rights.

If I had the means Politicians seem to promise anything, but can they deliver?

I donít love a sun burnt country Not everyone can be the 'explorer type.' This poem is a parody on the poem, "My Country:" written by Dorothea Mackellar. Go to this site to read the original. Type in 'find' "Dorothea Mackellar"
Mothers and fathers Mothers and fathers do tend to love their off spring

I heard the Budda laugh A thought about happiness and sadness

Stan,í the scrap paper man This is a true story, I did know this nice man when I was a kid

The ship and the sailors Have you ever wondered what it's like being a sailor?

I was not the teachers pet This is nearly a true story for me

Sing Every bodies singing for something

The bass playerís convention I'm a musician, trust me, bass players are like this

The Uncle type Uncle's are a special breed

Time to write a poem Speaking about the process of writing

The rains pouring down A classic, poems / poem

One more time  Every moment is precious

Iím not good with plants Have you got that green thumb? If your really interested in not killing your plants, go to this site

I couldnít love you more, if I tried Every felt like you could express how much you love someone?

Kidís persistence Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we ...

Shut the flame-min door I think Mum's all over the world tell their kids to, "shut the fridge door"

The artist What makes a good artist?

Dog Man A tribute to all the dogs out there. Some information on the different kinds of dogs

Techno Young people's music

Technologically ignorant Well, aren't we all these days!

Teddy Bear conversation What's this one all about!!!? If your into bears try this site called "teddy bear planet" apparently there is a whole planet full of them!

The dog doesnít like baths I had a dog that didn't like baths. He didn't even like me saying the word, "bath."

A childís world I remember going crazy with fads. This is a very relevant site in regards to my little poem. It's called "Kids' crazes"

A frog-gy ballad A frog love poem. Frogs have feelings too!!!

A poets family The reality of poetry writing

A roving man am I The modern day 'swag man'

At my age Old age, it's an interesting phenomenon! Try this site for some statistics on old age in Australia.

Big boys donít cry The poor men and boys of this world, they always have to prove themselves, they always have to; 'not cry'

Big chain Expressing the wisdom of 'native people's' and their love for the environment. I thought this site offered some basic environmental facts about Australia. or to see some Australian facts on logging etc see;

Doesnít belong here Can you guess which one doesn't belong here?

Editing A few thoughts on the process of editing

In the poetry game The poet is a strange creature!

My rock star image Want to be a rock star do you!?

Rain upon my window Reflections. Some facts on water use in Australia.

Tales from a swag Description of a swag man's life

The air port Most of us have had an airport experience, does this sound familiar?

The editor A few thoughts about the editor's job

The names ĎBondí I see they've got a new "blond bond" these days

The old wind mill A description of a wind mill. A vaguely related subject of water use in Australia, here's some statistics.

The punctuation of life You may have a big question mark about this poem!

A sailor man What would it be like to be a sailor?

Itís all material Is there a deep and meaningful concept in this one!? I don't think so!!!

The burning deck This is a parody on a poem called "Casabianca" written by Felicia Dorothea Browne. Before writing this poem I could only remember the line, "the boy stood on the burning deck," I wasn't even sure if these were the right words. To my surprise the sentiments in my poem are remarkably similar to Mrs. Browne. I find this interesting. See site for original poem.

Video clips When I was a young, music video clips didn't exist. Nowadays however, most young people are watching video clips

The bomb in the yard I must confess, I have been known to keep a non working car in my place. This is why I can speak descriptively in my poem

The time captured 'Photographs' describes

Coming last The practice of telling students that they are last may not be 'school practice' these days, but it is still a strong message in life's experiences

A fly on my window sill A little reflection on the smallest of life, the humble and sometimes poorly thought of, 'fly'

The Irish session Being an Irish music player and having attended many an Irish music session, I can personally identify with this one. Here's a site that tells you a bit about Irish music

The pigís in the corn This is the type of thing that you might experience if you lived on a farm

Cool is for Most everybody wants to be 'cool,' but what is it?

No fixed abode A description of what Australians call; the swagman." Some basic information on the homeless in Australia

The elephants go walking A descriptive poem about elephants. A site called "About Elephants" learn about elephants

The TVís on If a tree falls in the forest but there is no around to hear it, does it make a noise!? And if a TV is on but there is no- one watching it, how do we know that it is actually on. Perhaps we might know by the large electricity bill we might get!!! Some information about Australian children and watching TV

The wind A poem about the wind

Channel surfing These days we have internet surfers as well as, TV channel surfers

Happy birthday your one This one could go on a birthday card. A site that tells you how to say "happy birthday" in 161 languages That should be handy!!!

Little cockroach on the run I was inspired to write this poem when I turned on the light to go to the toilet one night. I suppose the cleanest of houses still have some cockroaches in it. Well mine did on this particular occasion Learn all about cockroaches. Most of the sites I looked at seems to be about "how to kill cockroaches," this one however has got a bit more.

My Jeans Is this how the 'status of jeans' works!?

O little letter box Have you ever gone to your letter box with the kind of feelings expressed in this poem?

Itís winter time What is a good things to do when it's cold outside

Big truck Have you ever been going down the road and there's this huge truck behind you?

The big black crow   Have you ever seen a small starling or bird attempt to chase a bigger bird out of it's territory. I have and so it inspired me to write this poem. The small birds actually chase the big crows away for they know they will steal and eat their young

The inventor Some words about that clever chap in society, 'the inventor.' Learn all about different inventions, go to this site  

When you see a tree Trees are people to!!! Find out all about any tree you want, a site called "what tree is that"

School bully drama This one's like a little play about 'bullying.' Don't let anyone bully you without telling someone in authority. Find out about childhood bullying on this site

Who would want a dog Here's to all the 'dog lovers' of the world

Bargain girl  See if you fit this description!!!

O car

What is it Lassie  The oldies might remember "Lassie" the television show. Lassie's a dog if you didn't know. These days there's all these super heroes. But lassie was kind of one of the original super heroes. Here's the site on Lassie

Monsters are lurking

The kids are mean to me This poem is about bullying