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Book 1  Page 10

I’m a reporter


I’m a ‘reporter;’ it’s my job to write,

to say what I feel, to put things wrong! or right.

To use words in clever sorts of ways,

that’s how I have my sway.


I can stand aloof while creating theories

that speaks of you as if you were another species,

photographing you in tragic times,

projecting about your ‘state of mind.’


I can stand defiant behind my stories,

purposefully being ‘inflammatory.

Then I just make things up in a heated disputes

not letting the facts hinder ‘good selling’ untruths.


Because nothing gets in the way of a ‘good story,’

blood / guts / lies all thrown in for the glory.

And ‘you’ being the accepting reader can like it or not,

but I can make up the theme and I can make up the plot.


I’m your friend / foe / or / perhaps ‘a beast,’

making things worse at times to say the very least.

I’m the one who gives you that ‘shot in the arm,’

with my particular dose of wordy reality,

and my particular dose of wordy charm.


And so with my deceptively clever and devilish charm

I make you buy my books / my papers / my magazines.

Yes I’m your reporter,

reporting your worst nightmares and dreams.

© Written by Dominic John Gill  5/2/99