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I thought this site offered some basic environmental facts about Australia. or to see some Australian facts on logging etc see;


Book 13 Page 36


Big chain



Big chain running through the bush

knocking down everything with a mighty whoosh.


Big chain, wonder where it came,

turning the land barren and plain.


A proud tree been standing for years,

in an instant man kills it with his ‘big chain gear.’


Big chain comes and goes leaving the ground flat,

the animals and birds loose their habitat.


For big chain sweeps across the land

making way for the progress of man.


More farms we say, more jobs and mouths to feed, though it’s all so simply ‘human greed.’


Big chain comes to the country,                         sent by the capitalist rule,

as big chain descends upon animals and land;     so cruel.


Big chain comes and leaves only 'barren land,'

Mow it all down just because we can.

Big chain comes and destroy the land,

all in the name of’ modern man. ‘



© Written by Dominic John Gill 29/2/00