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Book 21 Page 25


Oh little letter box


Oh little letter box ,

what have you got for me today?

Have you got any letters from a friend or a lover,

filled with affectionate words that they might say.


Now let me look inside you,

and open up your tiny little lid,

as I hope and wish for some ‘love’

like the love a ‘good mother’ has for her kids.


O no, no such luck today.

Yes, there are letters all right for my letter box is filled,

filled with advertisements that is,

and of course,  chock- a- block ‘with bills.’


Oh, it looks like nobody loves me today,

I’ll just have to wait till tomorrow.

Just another day to wait

in my letter box wishing and sorrow.


And tomorrow little letter box I promise,

I will come to you and ask this same question,

“Have you got any nice letters

that are filled with love and affection?”


And then I hope you give me

exactly what I wish for

when I come to you tomorrow

to open up your door.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 6/5/00