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A vaguely related subject of water use in Australia, here's some statistics.  

Book 14 Page 19


The old wind mill


The old wind mill keeps on going round and round,

supplying water to this one horse country town.


The sound “Clickety – clack” we’ve learnt to ignore

as it turns day and night pumping water from the bore.


And the wind blows upon it’s now old and rusty blades,

blades that old Grand father Riley made.


And although Grand father Riley’s now long gone,

the old wind mill keep on Clickety - clacking on - to it’s wind mill song.


And I wonder if old Grand father Riley’s up there blowin' in the wind,

blowin' those old blades around and around and around as forever they spin.


The old wind mill keeps on going round and round and up and down,

supplying water to this lonely one horse country town.


© Written by Dominic John Gill 8/3/00