Book 41

Page 20

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O car


O car, please keep going for another six months

so that I can save up to buy another.


I promise I will not thrash or crash you,

or clash your gears.


How about if I promise Ill only drive you at sixty Ks around town.

If I promise you this

will you promise not to break down.


O Car, O beloved one with so many defects,

will you keep going!? Just for me!

Dont turn yourself into a ride off wreck.


And please dont go and get yourself into trouble with the police,

Po lease !


Car, I make this promise;

I wont ever again called you a

useless pile of bolts and nuts,

this I solemnly promise if you promise me not to leave me deep in a rut.


For I cant afford another,

youre all I got; its just you and me, you just got to keep going!

And beside, Im still paying you off

the money that Im owning.


So what do you say car!?


Slowly I turn the key.


Room,  ra oom,

O thank you car!

Nice car!

Nice car!

Good car!

Written by Dominic John Gill 17/May/2005