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Book 10 Page 5

Technologically ignorant


When it comes to computers,

speak to me like I’m some kind of an idiot.

For when it comes to ‘technology’

I admit, I’m essentially ‘ignorant.’


I can’t even operate a simply video machine.

All I know is how to plug the thing in.

I suppose in this sense you could call me

a right honorable ‘technological din.’


And when it comes to using a mobile phone,

well one of them I’ll never own,

Cause I don’t even know how to get a simple dial tone.

Such basic fundamentals I have to be shown


So when it comes to technology, speak to me like I’m some

New born chicken just hatched out of an egg,

but please! Try not to speak down to me

like I’m some kind of god damn moronic plebe.


For I know;

That when it come to any thing that involves modern technology,

I simply haven’t got the ‘common sense ology. ‘

I’m just as simple as they can come,

so when it comes to high tech things, consider me ‘dumb.’



© Written by Dominic John Gill 4/Dec/1999