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Book 19 Page 34

The inventor

I have a thousand inventions

a-floating around in my head,

and as I go to sleep I count them

while others count Ďsheepí instead.

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Iíve invented an ingenious mouse trap

thatís got computerized controls,

Iíve invented a special device

that stops you growing old.


Some say Iíve got my head screwed on backwards

when I tell them of what Iíve devised.

Itís hard to explain my inventive brain,

and the marvel of my inventive eyes.


Iíve invented a new type of motor

that runs on common tap water.

I would tell you of my greatest invention

but itís a secret, and I donít think that I aught a.


I am a new age inventor,

my devises will totally astound you.

Iíve invented a new system for vacuum cleaning

that really will confound you.


Iíve got my wild contraptions

out the back in the garage shed,

where I make them from wood and tin and plastic

and I bring them to life from my head.


Sometimes I work until midnight,

cutting and grinding and shaping metal.

Some say "I simply have rocks in my head

and that  Iím Ďeccentrically mental.í"


But they donít understand me,

they donít understand the Ďpure genius I am,í

for a genius is never understood in their own times

and I am full of ingenuity, I am the Ďinventor man.í                

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 5/6/00