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Book 7 P 15

Shut the flame-min door



What’s in the fridge?

Open up the door.

The little light goes on,

gotta eat some more.

Standing in a daze,

thinking what I want.

Haven’t made my mind up

cause me brain is in a swamp.


So I shut the door again,

haven’t got a thing.

Open the door again,

wearing out the hinge.


Deja-vu is happening.

O no! here I go again.

Open and close the door,

my mind is in a spin.


It drove my mother mad

how I’d carry on like this,

to shut the flammin' door

was her favourite wish.


A hundred times a day

I must have been told.

“Shut the Flammin' door

your letting out the cold.”


She said;

“Shut the flame-min door,

Shut the flame-min door.

Shut the flame-min Door,

Why don’t you;

“Shut the flame-min door.”


© Written by Dominic John Gill  11/10/99