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Book 27 Page 5


The elephants go walking


The elephants go walking one by one

cause they wouldn’t fit through the tree abreast with their enormously big bums.


And the elephant man dangles a peanut from their monstrously large heads.

This is all you need apparently to cause an elephant to be lead.


And so of the elephants go ,waddling from side to side,

as sluggishly and slowly they move that tremendously big hide.


Holding each others tails while up the front there’s the big daddy bull.

A slow but very sure footed travel is to go by 'elephant vehicle;'


As the elephants go walking, they waddle through the jungle to the beat of a big African drum.

As the elephants go slowly walking; 'one by one.'


© Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 9/10/00