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Book 34 Page 40

The air port


You can see it , hear it;

the gestures of goodbye.

Hugs and kisses all round

before you fly.


Fly way up, up,

Up into the air.

“All aboard flight 207,” (the steward announces,)

All luggage stored away, time now to take your chair.


And although the last hug

was just a moment ago,

it doesn’t seem enough now,

now that you’re thinking “it’s definitely time to go.”


And strange thoughts fill your mind like,

"maybe it’s still time to back out and say no!"

No time really to think, just time for one more hug.

Maybe this will be the last!


For the air craft is waiting,

its engines begin to rev,

and as it does excitement begins to mount.

Oh so many thoughts in your head.


This is the time,

it may be your last ever goodbye.

In just a while you’ll be taking off

and flying high.


And that 50 ton flying machine will

storm off into the air,

taking you and your luggage,

and your thoughts of excitement and worries and cares.


For in just a short time

you will be so high that those you hug on the ground will look up

and see

‘just a speck in the sky.’


© Written by Dominic John Gill 2 Jan 2002