Book 42

Page 18

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Monsters are lurking


Monsters live in the dark,

Monsters live in the deep.

Monsters pounce on you unexpectedly

when you go to sleep.


Monsters hide round corners.

Monsters live in holes.

Iíve got monsters in my attic,

a waiting to eat me whole.


Monsters are very nasty,

they eat up all your good thoughts.

And I notice they seldom come invited,

not the bad monster sort.


And when you try and fight them

they only seem to grow bigger.

As they consume up all your happiness,

with their monster consuming vigor.


But Iíve learnt to love my monsters.

Iíve learnt to treat them with charm,

for Iíve noticed that monsters change,

when you are calm;


And so I treat them with love and kindness,

I even welcome them with my own brand of hospitality.

And itís then that I notice them change

when I treat them with calm rationality.


And so now monsters can even be a source of fun,

they change from the Ďscary type.í

Itís all about how you treat Ďa monster,í

those monsters that come in the night.



© Written by Dominic John Gill 11/Sep/2001