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Here's a good site for the bad spellers out there. or this one for the common spelling mistakes

Book 6 Page 23


Iím a bad speller                        


Iím a bad speler and I think

you should know.

But this doesnít mean that Iím bacward,

O no!


I can speak my mind,

I can even write.

But my speling is so atrosious

you may think it tripe.


For speling to me

is like a mistery.

Sometimes itís an 'E' beefore the 'I,'

and other times, itís the ĎIí beefore the ĎEí.


All those speling rules!!!


And when you learn them then they go and tell you the rules

at times should be broken.

Iíd much prefer to expres miself,



Now I could never write

a university thesis,

cause in the speling alone

they would pick it to pieces.


I reckon miself,

I've got a mild touch of dyslexia.

Thatís spelt, d-y-s, l-e-x, i-a, I think!

Or is it, I-a,  l-e-x,  d-y-s.!?


At any rate

I know that me spelingís rather atrosious,

for when it comes to spelling

Iím not at all precosious.


Yes I succeed; Iím a bad speler

for when it comes to the written letter I must admit,

Thereís much room

for me to get betterer.


 8/10/99 © Written by Dominic John Gill