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Book 6 Page 29

Id like to be a tree



Id like to be a tree

blowing in the wind.

I really think a tree is me,

standing tall and thin.


Id like to be a tall pine tree,

planted by the sea side.

With the salt breeze lashing at my branch like knees, 

Id, --- Id, ---


Be happy I think!

waving to the ships at sea.

Yeah, I could be happy hanging around,

making like a tree.


And when it comes time to cut me down,

I wouldnt mind being turned into a table.

Id be a tree tomorrow if the good lord let me,

Cause Im certainly willing and able.


Id dont know!


Theres nothing else I can think of

that would suit me to a tee,

than just hanging around being simple and straight forward

like a tree.


Somehow Id be perfectly comfortable I think,

perfectly comfortable and free.

For life as a tree would have its difficulties Im sure,

but it seems it would be, just right for me.


Written by Dominic John Gill  9/10/99