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Book 5 Page 45



“Sing thy sweet love,” said the lover to the beloved.

"Sing for free," thought the hotel manager.


"Sing the house down," thought the rock and roll star.

"Sing “Fa-la-la,” sang the mistral merrily.


"Sing the energy of youth", scream the heavy metal singer.

"Sing the "praises of the lord," sang the choir girls and boys.


"Sing for change," exclaimed the poet.

"Sing for your supper," thought the busker.


"Sing for sexual lust", thought the Pop star.

"Sing to express who you are", thought the artist.


"Sing to forget your woes", thought the depressed.

"Sing badly a victory song", sang the football team.


"Sing for country and queen", sang the countrymen.

"Sing just for the ‘sheer fun of it", sang the child.


"Sing to the world", thought all the musicians.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  23/7/99