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Book 6 Page 13

Iím not good with plants


Iím not good with plants ,

I havenít got that green thumb.

I keep putting them in the shade

when apparently they really need the sun.


I give them water

from January to December

but usually only when

I remember.


And so they keep dying

like you wouldnít believe.

Wilting their tearful crispy

all brown leaves.


Iíve been told ďnow only so much water for this type

and so much for that,Ē

but when it comes to plants it seems

I just havenít got the knack.


Now donít get me wrong, I like them in my

house and in the garden,

but inevitably they start out green and lush and finish up

brown and hardened.


Itís as though those plants have something against me.

I donít think I couldnít even raise a weed!

Itís just a bad combination,

flora and me.


Iím just no good with plants,

with me they donít stand a chance.

I just havenít got the Ďgreen thumbí so they die,

ever single one.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  8/10/99