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Book 10 page 21

Ring the bells


The bells ring out,

Dong … Dong…

It’s the time of the bubonic plague and the streets run red

and the cry goes out,

“Bring out your dead!”

The bells ring out,

Dong … Dong…

The bells ring out from the cathedral tower

proclaiming to all,

‘the wedding hour.’


The bells ring out,

Dong … Dong… in suburbia’s streets,

and the vendor shouts,

“Ice cream ice cream, come and get your treats!”


And the bells ring over the vast land,

always proclaiming a new event for man.

For events big and small the bells toll,

for yesterday and today and for the days of old.


The bells ring proclaiming

a thousand and more songs,

The bells ring, (and in our own way we respond,)

as the bells ring out,

Dong … Dong…    


© Written by Dominic John Gill  6/12/99